I studied as a composer at the Sound&Music Department of the International School of Comics – Academy of Visual Arts and New Media.

I started working as a tutor in the Department where I studied, supporting new students in their training.
I currently hold the position of teacher for the Music Composition and Sound Design course for Cinema, TV and Videogame.
With the team of Studio 256, of which I am part, I have started a series of important collaborations.

Among the most important works, I have performed:

  • Compositions for the Torlonia Foundation (Rome);
  • Music and sound design for the documentary episodes “Niagara”. (Rai2);
  • Musical aspects, sound design, foley and audio post-production for the film “Sara e Marti” (Disney) with Studio 256;
  • Sound design and post-production of the documentary “L’Aquila, 03:32” about the earthquake in L’Aquila (Rai 1) with Studio 256;
  • Music for the National Roman Museum Palazzo Massimo;
  • Post-production of the third season of the TV series Sara e Marti (Disney) with Studio 256;
  • Post-production “I Diari della Forchetta” Food Network (Discovery Channel Italia) with Studio 256;
  • Post-production Documentary “Il Caso Vannini” with Studio 256;
  • Sound design and post-production documentary “1989 Cronache dal Muro di Berlino” with Studio 256.
  • Part of the music for the short film “Il Vestito”, directed by Maurizio Ravallese
  • Part of the music for the short “Sir”, directed by Maurizio Ravallese
  • Music, sound design, foley, mix and audio post-production of the film “Headshot”, directed by Nicolò Maggi (Cineuno Italia)
  • Music and sound design for the video game “Cookie Cutter” published by Rogue Games and produced by Subcult Joint (PS5, Xbox, Pc, Nintendo Switch, PS4) 

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